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New World Update Prepares for Server Merges, Fixes More Bugs From November

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The latest update for New World is focused on helping fix some of the issues from the November update, as well other bug fixes and even a change made in preparation for upcoming server merges.

One of the issues that came from November’s update wasn’t even technically a bug, but accidentally removal of all of the Horticulture Harvesting gear. The patch made it so that all of this gear was marked as future, unreleased content and it was just deleted from the game. Everyone who lost Harvester armor pieces will find a reward chest in their inventory with a full set (five items) of bind on equip replacement pieces at the highest gear score for any tier that the player had already reached before the mistake. These chests with replacement gear are rolling out in waves, so if you lost gear and haven’t received one yet, Amazon advises waiting a bit longer.

After temporary shutdowns and adjustments, trading, moving, and salvaging housing items and furnishings has been re-enabled. Another trading fix was also addressed. This one made it so that players could not fill their Buy Orders from local storage sheds.

Elemental enemies were dropping extraordinarily high numbers of motes, but in this update, Amazon removed motes as rewards so the creatures should now be able to be harvested again, except for wolves. The wolves will need some more work, so this will likely come in the next update.

Server merges are coming, which is clear from Amazon's communication and continued player frustrations, but we don’t know too many details just yet. In the patch notes, it simply says “technical groundwork for server mergers”, so this at least establishes that they are preparing for it. Stay tuned for any announcements.

For the full list of fixes as well as all the details, see the update notes on New World.


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