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New World Update Fixes Some Bugs, Patches Exploits, and Adds Restrictions to Combat Coin Selling

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update for New World address has a ton of bug fixes, including patching some exploits and work to help get rid of gold sellers, some changes to combat, fixes for Outpost Rush, and more.

To call the past week tumultuous would not be an understatement, but Amazon still continues working to fix the bugs and exploits players are reporting. They’ve taken several steps to help stop coin sellers, coin sale spam and botting. Some of the new changes are restrictions that prevent player trading and currency transfer from characters that are under level 10 or new accounts less than 72 hours old. Coin value has also been shifted away from some earlier quests to later in the main storyline. The total reward will remain the same but it’s delivered later to prevent early hoarding. 

When it comes to exploits, they fixed one where players were able to duplicate items via storage sheds and crafting and an issue of gold duplication via territory projects. The door is open to possibly disabling trading again should it be needed.

Other changes to Outpost Rush address issues like players getting out of the starting Fort early, multiple players interacting with the altar at the same time and getting multiple tokens, battle bread being twice as effective as intended, and more. Combat fixes include reducing the cost of attribute respec, chisels, and weapon mastery respec.. They’ve also reduced the coin and Azoth awards for the losing team in Outpost Rush to try and spur competition.

Other bug fixes cover issues like players getting stuck when fishing and an issue that players found themselves losing their houses while offline during maintenance. Amazon promises that players that are affected by this bug will be reimbursed in the future.

For the full list of fixes, take a look at the official patch notes.


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