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New World Update Fixes Several Respawn Bugs, Wandering Hotkeys, and Balances the Great Axe's Gravity Well

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Today, New World gets a new update that will focus on several fixes and balance changes, most notably a bit of an overhaul to the Great Axe perk Gravity Well.

Fixes set to be applied with update 1.4.5 address some group issues, including one where the healing hotkeys set to players were suddenly changed during combat. This should definitely cut down on frustration, given that having reliable healing is just that important. On a related note is the fix to a bug that was likely exploited where some were able to instantly respawn, regardless of wave respawn timers during War and Invasion. 

However, some players got a differently frustrating bug when they were getting infinite respawn timers and no respawn opportunity at all. The fix for the no respawn bug is a speculative one, so they’re not certain that it will take care of what they’re calling a rare issue. With more recent focus from Amazon on shoring up PvP in New World, these are important fixes. Another fix addresses a login issue that saw characters getting stuck on an error message and the login never working. 

One thing that was working a little too well is the Gravity Well perk for the Great Axe. It was hitting enemies around the player twice instead of the intended once. Now that should work as intended with this update. Damage has also been reduced, by different amounts based on type of damage. Weapon damage on secondary burst went from 125% to 100% and block stamina damage from  150% to 70% of base stamina damage. This is, clearly, the deepest knock, but the team will see just how this all plays out. Additionally, the lifesteal amount range has also been reduced from 20% to 50% down to a new range of 15% to 35%.

Read the update notes over at New World.


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