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New World Update Fixes Exploits and Bugs, As Amazon Begins Re-Enabling Server Transfers

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Today’s update for New World went live and the team notes that it’s focused on addressing some of the community's top issues, including some exploits and fixing disruptive bugs, as well as attempting to restart server transfers.

Server transfers have been re-enabled in the US West region in order for them to monitor how the process goes and make sure that there are no new issues. If everything goes well, transfers will begin to be re-enabled to all the remaining regions starting at 2 PM Pacific.

Also in this major update is monitoring Outpost Rush on South American regions and trying to ensure that the issues are under control. Outpost Rush has also been re-enabled as of 10 AM Pacific time for US West and will be rolling out to additional regions including AP Southeast, Central Europe, and US East throughout the day. They also note that the schedule may change if there are any issues, and it’s worth keeping an eye on this to check if your region is rolling out yet.

Several frustrating exploits were fixed, including being able to use AoE magic to capture rally points in War without taking damage and other ways to become generally invulnerable. 

Other changes in the update include performance improvements for wars call mom removing access to ever fall starting beach so that new players will have to try using the other three locations, spreading out new player population so that friends may have a greater chance of starting together. Bug fixes including the one causing companies to lose income when they own multiple territories, this fix comes with a reimbursement of lost coins. The Faction Token cap was also increased by 50% for each tier.

For the details on all the issues addressed and the full update check out the patch notes on the New World site. 


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