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New World Update Continues PvP Reward Tweaks to Make Activities More Comparably Rewarding

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New World’s latest update, 1.5.3 , will see downtime beginning at 11 PM PT tonight and is another tweak to PvP and rewards, along with a fix. PvP adjustments continue, especially to the rewards tables, as the Amazon team continues working to get the balance right.

Like the last round of adjustments to PvP rewards, the ones coming in tonight’s update continue the balancing with regards to the feature type. This time, there are changes to PvP faction mission rewards. PvP XP and Azoth Salt will be adjusted to correspond with the level of work required to complete the faction missions and other quests that yield them, reducing the rewards for some completed activities, but aiming to make reward comparable with the time it takes to complete other PvP reward track eligible activities like Outpost Rush and Arenas.

As the update announcement puts it, “Players can now focus on their favorite PvP activities with less concern over whether their time would be better spent doing one specific activity to optimize rewards”. It’s a no-brainer that some are going to calculate max return as closely as they can, so this could potentially mean a more balanced series of rewards for the number of PvP reward track eligible options the game currently has. 

So where will the numbers fall? 

PvP faction missions will give 200 Salt and 350 PvP XP, down from 300 Sale and 500 PvP XP. The Great Cleave ‘Retrieve’ and ‘Control Point’ missions will offer lower rewards because these take much less time to complete. These quests will earn 100 Salt and 200 PvP XP per run.

The update also fixes one issue, a texture fix on the Brimstone Fire Staff’s molten orb.

This week, New World continues its Gathering skills double XP bonus event, which began yesterday and runs  through June 16th.


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