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New World Update Coming Tonight Will Address PvP Issues, Raise Arenas Cap, and Adjust Rewards

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The next update for New World will arrive tonight and feature some fixes for PVP that the team talked about last week in reference to some of the issues that arose as a result of the Arenas patch. In addition, there are a few weapons fixes, rewards adjustments, and bug fixes.

When it comes to PVP, there were several items that the team got feedback from as well as observed, leading to a few temporary changes that would buy time for the appropriate fixes. Among these were an exploit, and a request to remove the cap on Arena rewards. With this patch Arena salt and XP rewards will be more generous and the cap for max rewards increased to 40 matches, or about three hours of Arena matches in 24 hours. 

If you want to continue in the Arena after 40 matches, you will still be rewarded but at a rate of 25% of the regular rewards. This keeps the more generous rewards upfront but doesn't limit players who want to keep going on the PVP track.

The PvP rewards track will also have more coins in the coin packs. The update also fixes an issue that was letting players circumvent the damage from the Arena's Ring of Fire. 

Another fix addresses the issue where players were trying to open the scoreboard during a PVP mode and were unintentionally kicked out of the match and assigned a leaver penalty. The Amazon team temporarily disabled leaver penalties until a full fix could be applied, and it looks like that’s tonight.

A few other updates should make things easier. The Blunderbuss, Ice Gauntlet, and Bow all had some issues fixed and should now see associated abilities work correctly. Post-patch, you won’t be able to drag Umbral Shards, Gems, and Repair Kits from storage to an item to prevent issues where upgrading showed an incorrect shard amount.

You can read the full notes over at New World.


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