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New World Update Closes Summer Medleyfaire, Brings Back Instanced Wars, and Fixes Some Bugs

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Summer Medleyfaire comes to a close with New World’s latest update, 1.6.5, which will arrive during downtime beginning at 11:00 PM PT. The update also fixes several issues and brings back Instanced Wars.

With the end of the event, the update still brings one final fix that was causing some Medleyfaire performance music to not play as intended. Perhaps this will come back into play next summer, should the event become annual.

The Expedition Group Finder continues getting tweaks, with this update making the “View Expedition” button into a simpler “Find Group”. 

This week’s update is mostly a housekeeping one, with fixes to several player and world experience issues, along with some localization updates, and UI fixes. Some of the fixes deal with exploitable bugs, while others were more damaging. One of the issues fixed is a bug that was letting players endlessly spam their abilities, while another bug was causing players to lose progress made during a session after they logged off. There’s also a fix for Wars, which makes them get automatically rescheduled if there’s any issue with the invite phase and sending invites. This should at least simplify the process and reduce frustration.

Instanced Wars also make a return, with the New World team promising that they have rebuilt the technology supporting the feature. A return of Instanced Wars was originally announced in the late July Summer Medleyfaire update, but it has taken time for them to get things right. Before, one of the most frustrating issues had been seriously degraded server performance when wars were ongoing, so the feature was taken offline to repair the foundation. This will be live tomorrow when the update hits the servers. No doubt Amazon will continue monitoring it.

For more on the update, head over to New World.


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