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New World Update Balances Influence Gain, Sets Up Character Transfers, and Clarifies Bans

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The latest New World update has arrived, with clarification on recent bans, an armful of bug fixes and setting the foundation for the coming character transfers. 

Recently, there was concern over some players that received bans, seemingly out of the blue with some vague messaging. After the New World Community manager indicated that they use human moderation and an Easy Anti-Cheat system, the update includes this change:

"Fixed an issue causing players kicked, suspended, banned, or removed from the game by Easy Anti-Cheat to receive unclear communication. Additional messaging has been added so players can better understand the penalty they received." 

Other changes include tweaks to faction missions and the rate of influence gain. Attacking factions now have reduced influence gain and defending factions no longer see decreased influence gain. These changes both reflect fixing a bug that caused influence gain to multiply faster than intended and to maintain the challenge and time requirement to flip territories. This should make getting quickly steamrolled happen much less.

Other bug fixes include changes to creature spawning, making sure players can't respawn as a corpse, settlement storage, and an important change that should balance loot gain. This change will ensure that the variety and quantity of loot from modes and chests are wide enough to not impede progression. 

The coming character transfers are still pending, and the changes in this update intended to support this weren't detailed, but with the feature promised and heavily anticipated, more details on the whole process should be coming soon. For details on this update, see the patch notes here.


Christina Gonzalez

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