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New World Update 1.8.3 Fixes Minor Exploits and Opens the Legacy of Crassus Event

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Today, New Worlds latest update, 1.8.3, will bring the Legacy of Crassus event and fix a few issues, including leaderboard glitches, and some minor exploits.

The centerpiece of the update is the Legacy of Crassus event. If you haven’t been paying attention to recent announcements, this is a world event, running through March 7th. Two of General Crassus’ most loyal captains are invading Aeternum, and trying to make their old leader’s dream come true. This is where it gets both a little bit ugly and potentially very lucrative.

You see, these two captains, each transformed into a giant cyclops, are going to spawn as level 66 enemies regularly throughout the day. If you take the two of them on and win, dealing at least 1,000 damage, you'll get rewarded. The team has arranged a special system this time around. Your first victory of the day will get you one random Legendary set piece, guaranteed. Keep coming back every day and get a different piece. The team has made it so that you will not get any duplicates, making it easier to collect a full set over the next two weeks. You will still get appropriate rewards for taking on this boss battle more than once a day, but those rewards will be different.

Also in the update are a series of fixes, including fixing an issue that made harvestable resources non-interactable, a bug that affected mutated expeditions, some updates to the AI, including making cats less awkward, like bobbleheads, and some issues with leaderboards. There were also some small exploits patched up, including one that let players join the faction that controlled the most territory, and another that would let you change equipment while you were in the spectator box of the PVP Arena. 

Outpost Rush got a few boosts, including an increased personal scoring that you gain from capturing and contesting points and from using resources. In addition, there's a short invulnerability period when you spawn in your home fort that should help prevent spawn camping. 

Read the patch notes at New World. 


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