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New World Update 1.7.1 is Focused on Fixes to Quests, Encounters, and Balance

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One day before New World will begin opening up its Fresh Start Worlds, Amazon has announced the next update, which will primarily focus on fixing some issues following the Brimstone Sands update.

Some of the issues that will be addressed in this update include some quest fixes, including errors that make some quests completely unavailable. Overseer Zane quests, for example, have been blocked from completion, and some other quests are not registering as done. 

Within Brimstone Sands, there are also some issues with quests and encounters getting fixes. Some of these are down to requirements and text needing clarifications that will give players some knowledge they need in order to complete the quests and not get stuck or blocked from the rest of the requirements. Amazon is fixing these with some clearer instructions. Some notable and counters are also getting fixed as well as spawn rates, to facilitate the intended completions.

Also getting some help are glitches that cause things like the damage barrier around Brimstone Sands to continue after a player dies, and the trading post not connecting properly to storage. The patch will also now prevent players from settinc camps near the Brimstone Under Siege quest location.

The patch is all about fixes and addresses other issues affecting perks, a mistaken leaver penalty applied to players exiting 3v3 arenas, and a potentially exploitable issue that saw abilities being able to be used without triggering cooldowns.

Amazon has stayed attentive when it comes to the Brimstone Sands update and subsequent fixes needed. The increased population in New World recently is something that seems to be continuing, which also makes sense with Fresh Start Worlds beginning to roll out tomorrow. Those new servers have a rollout schedule and will be going region by region. There will also be a third character slot for all once this feature opens up, just in case you’re looking to get back into Aeternum with a clean slate.

Read the notes on update 1.71 at New World.


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