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New World Update 1.6.6 Coming Tonight With Bug Fixes and Server Stability Tweaks.

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New World's latest update is mostly based around fixes to combat and AI, a bug affecting the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition, some server stability-related tweaks, and more adjustments.

Players who tried to take on the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition were sometimes encountering an issue that was preventing Nereid’s encounter from starting. This is going to be fixed with the update. Other bugs getting fixed include a rare issue that was causing some players to not get a respawn screen when their character died. Some scoreboards weren't displaying for some players joining in-progress Wars or Invasions, and other issues were causing errors with invite messages if you signed up for a War or Invasion and there was a server crash or issue.

Also related to server issues are fixes for a rare server crash, another issue that would cause a fast travel to fail, and sometimes putting new characters into a standby queue when there was capacity in the world. With New World having added several new servers over the past couple of weeks in advance of the next major update, some of these types of bugs have been popping up recently. Other glitches related to the now-ended Summer Medleyfaire event, with lore notes hanging around for too long, are also going to be fixed.

These are generally housekeeping updates, with the major Brimstone Sands update (which is on the PTR now) on the way next month. We should expect the weekly updates to mostly concentrate on making improvements and paving the way for the content that's coming. Other issues fixed in this update include  a bug that was preventing players from interacting with one side of a bed (the housing item) and stained glass housing items not showing the colors right.

The update is scheduled to start with downtime at  11 p.m. Pacific time tonight. For the full notes, head over to New World.


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