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New World Update 1.6.3 Coming Tonight, Fixing Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition and Musical Instruments

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The next New World update brings some fixes for issues with the recently-added musical instruments and Summer Medleyfaire event. The update will also fix some issues with the new Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition.

Expect downtime overnight at 12:00 AM PT for an estimated four hours. Once it’s live, A number of issues should be addressed. Among them are an issue that was causing weapon projectiles to disappear when attacking targets under certain circumstances. Gem swapping should work properly for gear where it wasn’t, such as Keepsake of the Divines. The Deep Earring also got its correct Perk applied.

Barnacles & Black Powder launched last week after a delay, but there were a couple of standout issues. The most pressing was an invincibility bug with the Nereid’s Rend debuff. With this fix, the debuff will also now be available again. The other issue with the expedition relates to Light Armor. Gear in the right range of 500 to 600 wasn't dropping correctly and this should be fixed when the update is live.

Playing music should now be more rewarding as well as less risky because some players were getting stuck if they teleported or if the server crashed while they were playing music and the XP curve for the musical instrument trade skill is now also lower and easier to level.The default key to tip musical performers has been changed to T to make it simpler, so maybe some in-game busking is in your future.

The rest of the update will fix a number of issues with musical instruments and the Summer Medleyfaire event. These include sound effects not playing as intended, such as when acting to disperse Maudlinbug swarms. Event Town projects weren't registering as complete after a world restart, which was preventing some of the town bestowments from upgrading to the next tier. 

For the full update notes, head over to New World.


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