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New World Update 1.5.2 Coming Tonight, Will Adjust PvP Rewards and Fix Several Issues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Amazon continues to tweak PVP in New World, with its next update 1.5.2 arriving tonight. The weekly update focuses on PVP, including a list of issues that they've promised to address after the recent Arenas update and community feedback.

The update adjusts rewards for PvP Arenas and raises the amount of PvP XP you win, depending on how many rounds you were victorious. The previous amounts for winning 0, one, or two rounds go from 100, 200, and 300 to a boosted 250, 350, and 500, respectively. 

After some players found a way to exploit capturing Faction Control Points to get more PvP XP and Azoth Salt, Amazon promised there would be some adjustments. This update will let players capture a total of 10 Faction Control Points over a 24-hour period and receive the full reward. After you capture 10, rewards will now be reduced to 250 XP and 50 Azoth Salt. 

The rest of the weekly update focuses on some fixes that affect both PvP and general gameplay. A bug that happened when players entered a mode like Arenas or Outpost Rush with an unsheathed weapon caused some attacks to not work. Two of the changes affect crafting, with the crafting button timers showing the wrong values set for a fix, and the other fixing a crafting error that made items that have only one possible gear score to have incorrect values. 

Overall, however, this patch looks to continue with the various adjustments to PvP that the New World team has seen since the big PvP update last month. The update also comes while there’s still a double weapon XP event happening (through Thursday), which is the first of a number of promised bonus mini events happening throughout  June.

For more on the update, head over to New World for the notes.


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