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New World Update 1.3.4 Concentrates on Fixing Tuning Orb Cooldowns, War, and Endgame

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The weekly update for New World, 1.3.4, will arrive with downtime later today and it mainly focuses on fixes for Tuning Orb cooldowns and endgame-related fixes.

The update has fixes for weapons including one to Leaping Strike for swords, so the ability should no longer be interrupted if you are hit by a light attack. Void Gauntlet gets a fix to Refreshing Harvest that corrects the damage reduction to limit the passive to reducing damage from Harvest Essence.  

Several fixes apply to facets of Expeditions. One change fixes an error that was preventing players from advancing in the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition. Expedition Orbs also get several fixes. Mutated Exposition Tuning Orbs will now be available to purchase every 3 days as intended, now that a bug making them only available once a week is being fixed. Also available at their proper intervals are Tuning Orbs from the Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality Expeditions, which are now available once per day instead of the mistaken pace of once every three days. If you are already in a cooldown from a prior purchase, this won't reset it but all of your future purchases will have the right cooldown.

When it comes to PvP, there are a couple of repaired features here too. A War would not occur if the defending company had no members. Additionally, if a server was down or in maintenance mode during a Siege, the War cost was not refunded. Both of these should be working properly post-update.

The fixes to New World cover several known issues and follow some community requests, such as the refund to War costs. These changes are mostly intended to make things run as expected, but also help PvP and endgame content more viable. Though there are some fixes for crafting and resources affecting Logging, where the EXP curve has been reworked to speed up progression, especially in the early game, and crafting.

See the full update notes over at New World.


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