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New World Update 13.1 Moves Housing Data and Fixes Bugs from January Update

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The latest update for New World is intended to help fix some of the issues that were caused or affected by the January update. The patch fixes bugs, including items disappearing, adjusts housing data to prevent issues, addresses a Mutator schedule bug, and other issues.

With New World’s monthly patches, there has been frustration, to say the least, among the community. While the Amazon team does keep working to fix the issues that pop up, and this update 13.1 being devoted to such fixes is a move in the right direction. 

The general fixes in the patch include fixes for a bug that causes items to disappear by dropping and picking them up too fast. One of the sometimes strange errors that all devs encounter at some point. As another example, the patch fixes an error preventing players from fast traveling or respawning at home if they used exit to desktop and then relogged. 

The housing system, which has had a series of issues and changes over time, did get an overhaul to how the game stores related data intended to prevent some of the housing and item losses some have seen. There’s no indication yet as to whether this will help the issues with housing data that have hindered server transfers before, though.

One of the changes attempts to address a way of exploiting, with Juniper Berries getting an updated rewards table, with progressively increasing the coin rewards as player levels increase. This is similar to what was done with early quests in order to prevent new accounts being made just to grab early gold

The patch also makes a couple of updates to Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet, as well as Rapier. All of these got rebalances to make them work as intended. One of the other things not yet fixed, but addressed is the issue of Mutator schedules not rotating as intended sometimes. They did add some code to help track the issue.

Read the full patch notes over at New World.


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