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New World Unedited Combat Video Surfaces, Plus Info on Hammers

11 minutes of footage

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New World shared some information on hammers in a Twitter thread earlier, plus it looks like some unedited combat gives us a look at several systems.

Several war hammers were shared in the Twitter thread, including the Buccaneer’s war hammer, Ancient war hammer, and Residual Hate. For example, Buccaneer’s can be found only in Deadman’s Anchor. This is a pirate stronghold in Cutlass Keys for level 25 groups. The Ancient war hammer will oly be dropped by Ancient enemies, while Residual Hate is a legendary hammer. It’s a reward for defeating some of the most dangerous Corruption Breaches.

Additionally, some unedited footage surfaced via Mein MMO and is embedded below. It gives us a look at several weapons including swords, bows, hammers, and more. In addition to combat, we get a look at a couple crafting systems.

In case you missed it, check out the latest dev diary which breaks down crafting progression. Additionally, a previous thread discussed swords including their strengths and weaknesses. And if you’re interested in War Mode, IGN published a gameplay video showing off the PvP mode.


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