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New World Trade Re-Enabled, PTR Update Speeds Mid-Game Leveling and Rebalances Taxation Bands

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World’s player to player trading has been re-enabled after the team investigated a potential gold dupe bug but found that the issue stemmed from a UI error. With the investigation concluded, the issue will be getting a planned fix in a future patch.

The shorter downtime for player trading should mean the impact on players was kept to a minimum, which is a good thing as we’re approaching mid-month with the January patch currently in testing.

The January PTR got an update that made several changes to make testing the new features easier, like granting a lot of extra inventory space and eliminating weight on gear containers. The patch also added the new Fast Travel shrines at several locations in the world. 

A significant part of the update is attention paid to the mid-game leveling experience. They've updated progression between level 23 to 45 by 20% since data and community feedback made it clear that the mid game progression was dragging.

Also in this patch are some updates to housing and the economy to help balance the game out more in response to prior difficulties, bugs, and exploit issues. One of the major changes includes reverting the 90% housing tax reduction back to normal once this patch hits the live servers. In the update on the economy, the team noticed that  since the tax break has been in effect "it has brought to light an imbalance in wealth disparity which was punishing for home owners, and as such, have decided to tighten the housing tax band”. These changes will be tracked to see if they help the imbalances and disparities that affect the player experience. The housing tax minimum band is now 2.5%, down from 5% after a review, and the maximum band is now 10%, down from 20%. The default housing tax rate is also 5%, which was reduced from 10%. 

Other economy changes in the PTR patch include removing or reducing Azoth vials to keep them special. The change to trade skill aptitude made too many of them available, damaging their value. 

For the full PTR patch notes, visit New World. 


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