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New World Temporarily Disables Some Content to Address Several Key Issues

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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While the Brimstone Sands update went live yesterday, Amazon has temporarily disabled several kinds of in-game content in order to address some issues that popped up after the update. For now, there are certain disabled drops, quests that can’t be done, and some crafting recipes made unavailable.

There is a rewards and XP issue affecting some side quests, with specific mobs initially having their drops halted before the team just made the sidequests themselves unavailable for now. The incorrect rewards and XP affected these mobs:

  • The “Manticore”
  • Herdmaster Metasha
  • Putrid Egg Clutch

This means that their respective sidequests can now no longer be completed until there’s an update. Initially, the team just disabled drops from those mobs, but with the inability to complete quests and to put in the effort to not get any payoff didn’t make sense.

Also disabled for now are Tier 5 crafting recipes for gathering tools and bags. This comes after an issue with the 600GS perk that comes along with this update. The perk didn’t seem to be working correctly, especially when using a crafting mod.

While the Brimstone Sands update is mostly intact and working, these issues are potentially frustrating. There are some other known issues that are also going to get fixes, but don’t affect content availability right now. 

The New World team has encountered some issues like this before, including with the need to temporarily disable some content while the team worked on fixes. However, over the year that the game has been live, they’ve tended to resolve these issues with less overall disruption and often in faster times.

While there is no word just yet on when a fix for these issues wil be available and the content turned back on, you can follow this post over at New World for updated info.

The team is also now advising players to not put anything inside houses in Everfall since there are issues and a patch is needed.


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