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New World Temporarily Disables Server Transfers After a Bug Discovered

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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For the past day, New World has “temporarily disabled world transfers” due to what the team’s announcement called “a recently discovered issue which is exacerbated by the transfer feature”. While there’s no word on what the issue, which only applies to those who have an existing server transfer token, is yet, the feature is still turned off as of now. 

Transfers, whether in-region or the requested cross-region transfer, are an ongoing process. There was a dev blog talking about what comes next in terms of server merges, and in that, team mentioned that there are still issues and talk of additional merges to come. However, transfers and merges resulted in the team discovering a bug that stacked data from merging servers and transferring characters that were causing issues because that much data on top of itself is persistent enough to cause instability.

According to the dev blog, "we found that when multiple housing plots are sacked for merging or transfers, we reached an unsafe level of persistent data which can cause instability and potentially loss of persistence; meaning that if the bug is tripped your house may disappear”.  additionally, when it comes to community request for cross-region servers, while the community opted for a faster option, it was noted that housing could be affected.

We are still waiting for Amazon to update the community on just what has  happened this time to lead them to the step of temporarily disabling transfers,  And whether or not it's similar or related to the data overload issue.

When it comes to New World, the team has acknowledged the rough start and community feedback. Updates on transfers, whether in-region or cross-region, along with the next phase of server merges, has been promised in early 2022. While this temporary disabling of transfers now might frustrate some, the fact that it applies to those with transfer tokens and that so many server merges and transfers already happened should mean the impact isn’t too broadly felt.


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