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New World Temporarily Disables Player to Player Trading to Halt Exploiting While They Create a Fix

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Late yesterday, the New World team was notified of a major trading exploit that they were yet unaware about. As a result, they needed to disable player training while they work on correcting the issue as a precautionary step.

Naturally, of course, there are no details about the exploit, except that it does have to do with trading itself. So while the team works to address the issue, they have been also banning players that have been taking advantage of the exploit. In order to cut off access, disabling player-to-player trading was a call that makes sense, even though it’s a frustrating one. Yet, we’ve been there before with the game, and the team’s responses are at least fast.

In an update later, developer Shadow_Fox followed up by announcing that work was being done after they identified the problem and were working to fix it. 

“We are creating a build now with a fix, please bare[sic] in mind we will have to test that build to ensure no unintentional changes to be safe.

It’s our highest priority to get players back to normal in game trading.”

This means that there is no timeline yet on when we can expect a fix or when player trading will be able to resume. This week's update was mostly about fixes. Now the wait is on whether or not the new-build will test without creating further issues. 

For anyone that has been playing New World or at least paying attention to the game in the nearly one year since launch, there have been several times when player trading has been disabled or other changes temporarily put on ice in order to address serious exploits. Yet, with October’s promised new update that will bring the new zone of Brimstone Sands, and population increases that led to opening some new servers, getting things in order is extra vital.


Christina Gonzalez

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