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New World Team Talks Updated Roadmap, New Expedition, the Impact of Brimstone Sands on Future Content

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The New World team is back with another monthly development reflection, this time covering an updated roadmap, events, weapon balance, and the release of Brimstone Sands.

When it comes to what we can expect down the line from New World, the team discusses roadmap goals like leaderboards and making Outpost Rush available cross-server. These features join events like the upcoming return of the Winter Convergence Festival, which will be coming in December, and Springtime Bloom in 2023. In addition to discussions of what they’re working on, the team also says we’ll get an updated roadmap announcement as well.

There’s also some initial word on the next Expedition, which they say will combine Amrine Excavation and Starstone Barrows and feature a brand new Mutation. This will be a permanent expedition. And if you’ve spent time in Brimstone Sands, the team is working on a full endgame raid, which they promise will be tough. Be prepared to take on an encounter with the sandworm.

The full dev video goes into many more aspects of what’s to come. Expect weapon balance, especially with the Rapier, Musket, and Fire Staff, and a balance change that is designed to encourage blocking. Also coming are changes to make invasions more important and to facilitate and encourage more open world PVP.

For Brimstone Sands, the giant sandworm fight is coming as the team has been hinting at for a while. The latest big content release is also going to serve as a kind of model for future content too. Expect more zones, quests, and design choices to reflect how Brimstone Sands was done. This includes the use of mythological and historical figures and influences.

You can watch the full October dev video above for full details, and read the official announcement and notes over at New World.


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