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New World Team Invites You to the Great February Bug Hunt, Issues Compensation for Lost Housing Taxes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Starting today, the New World team will be officially beginning the Great February Bug Hunt. Less an event then more of a clean up, it's currently running and ending tomorrow at 7 p.m. Eastern/ 4 p.m. Pacific to hunt for any not currently documented bugs that the team can work on. 

This ‘hunt’ will be there for players to file bug report on whatever issues they can find. If the team can reproduce the bugs and add them to the list of issues they need to fix, those players who report them will get special recognition on the forums. If you'd like to participate, you'll be able to submit your entry for bug reports in a special forum thread. The latest update for New World is focused on fixing bugs as well as addressing player concerns and correcting some issues that came up with prior updates. The team has been openly discussing the difficulties that some of the previous updates caused as well as some of the changes that were affected by including some older code for scrapped features in the final release.

If you're interested in helping  the community and development teams, you can log in and see what you can find. If you've been playing recently and there have been some issues nagging at you, now's the time to bring attention to them. The team will confirm and post the list of known bugs reported by the community as well, so you’ll know what’s on their list to continue working on.

On a related note, a previous bug that impacted housing taxes this month, got a compensation award. Those who had found their tax revenues come up short due to a buf that affected income from February 3-13th, the February update is leaving a compensation amount in your company wallet. As a token of appreciation and apology, the amounts awarded will be a little higher than what you would have actually lost.

For more on this compensation award, see the update here at New World.


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