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New World Team Discusses Designing Bosses, From Narrative to Mechanics

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New World’s latest Forged in Aeternum video features the dev team discussing boss design –how they develop concepts, create mechanics, and tell stories through boss design.

AI Lead Chad Redwitz breaks down the process from start to finish. They consult with the narrative team to figure out exactly how they want to advance the story through the use of an encounter. Once they have that in place, the team has to figure out what the gimmick will be and begin to think about the mechanics, followed by envisioning the roles as well as how long it might take to win. He compares it to wanting it to feel like you're scaling a mountain.

That's just the start. since even the best concept might not work out in practice or in testing, so then begins the process of refinement.

Still, when it comes to MMORPGs, one of the most memorable experiences you can have is probably taking down  a formidable boss with your party.  This could mean taking on a dungeon with your friends or teaming up with your guild to raid. Eventually, this becomes part of not just your own story of playing the game, but these features evolve the story and narrative of the world itself.

AI designer Patrick Smedley furthers the discussion by going over his work on the recent addition of the Goliaths of the Ennead in the expedition added with Brimstone Sands. This helps to illustrate some of the previous points made, in the how-to process. Ultimately, not only are they trying to tell a story but they're trying to create a fun experience. 

Another point in the discussion is the question of whether the team looks and wishes they could update or refresh legacy bosses. There is something to looking over older stuff to consider what you’d change, after the community has had a long time to get familiar with it.

For more, watch the full discussion above, and head over to New World.


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