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New World Team Details How Transmog Will Work, Including Getting Tokens

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 New World is getting transmog this season, and the devs talk about the upcoming feature, details on the process, and getting those all important Transmog Tokens.

Transmog is coming. When the patch is live, anything that you have in your inventory or storage will essentially be captured into an appearance collection that you can use for the purposes of transmog. So, for now, you may want to hold off on selling or dismantling any items you don’t have duplicates for just yet, since all of those items will be available on day one. Keep what you can collect for now, if you want the most options.

To begin to use them, travel to a major city and look for a special new NPC near the outfitter’s station with a transmogrification icon over their head. They will be known as the Stylemancer. So, all of those styles that were made from your owned items? Not so fast. You’ll have to unlock styles for use as skins with Transmog Tokens. 

Transmog Tokens have already been earnable in preparation for the upcoming new feature via the Season Pass reward tracks (both free and premium). There is a chance that tokens will drop out of Elite chests. Of course, you’ll also be able to just buy tokens if you’re not getting enough via pass levels or as drops. For those who want the free tokens, there will still be chances to get those.

The team also reveals that the ability to dye all skins is coming.  Well, for things other than weapons. So no bright yellow Blunderbuss anytime soon. But if you’ve been collecting skins from one source or another and felt that they just weren’t your color. Now they can be. They’ll have more details on this and all of the overall features, but adding in the long-requested transmog system is coming.

They’ve left a preview of what they’ll be talking about next –the removal of wards and banes–which the New World devs have already hinted at in a previous community Q&A.


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