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New World Team Deep Dives Upcoming July Update In Latest Roundtable Video

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Amazon Game Studios recently did a deep dive on New World's upcoming July update, continuing their trend of giving more information about the updates to fans directly. The video, which is a little over 40 minutes long, talks about the upcoming Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, as well as the Summer Medleyfaire event.

The upcoming update brings a lot of content for players to enjoy, including the inclusion of a new musical rhythm minigame. Players will be able to take up one of five instruments: the guitar, mandolin, drums, upright bass and the Azoth flute in the latest update. By forming a band or performing solo, you'll be able to play a myriad of songs in game, all for bonuses and tips. You can join with other players and combine parts to create a full ensemble, or take up residence in your local town as a roving bard.

Either way, it's awesome to see a rhythm-based music game hit New World. It's currently playable on the PTR and I've been loving it, personally.

Also talked about in the deep dive is the overall Summer Medleyfaire, in which the instrument game is just one part. Players will take up their fishing rods and hunt for mysterious Azoth Sturgeon and other prizes that can be turned into good food and cheer, or simply trophies to adorn your house. 

The team also discussed designing the upcoming New World expedition: Barnacles & Black Powder. The video talks about some of the inspiration and new mechanics players will face when jumping into the latest expedition, as well as the types of Mutators we'll see moving forward. 

You can check out the full video in the embed below. The preview is currently playable on the PTR if you want to get a head start learning what it'll take to conquer the new expedition, or get some practice jam sessions in with your band before you take the stage on the live servers.


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