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New World Team Banned Over 1600 Accounts for Exploits, But Community Reports New Dupes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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On the same day as the Amazon games team re-enabled wealth transfers in New World, community manager Luxendra posted a blog detailing what the team has done in order to fight dupes and exploiters. However, the community is reporting new dupes that call into question what can be done now.

According to the update on exploits, as of November 15th the team banned over 1200 players, removing all of their items from the economy and canceling trade posts. They were also able to ban 460 additional players from the original trade dupe or the housing exploits. Essentially, they report that about 98% of the duped items and coins were removed from the game, which should minimize impact on the economy. Some players accidentally triggered the dupes, faced no punishment and their items were not deleted. 

The investigation also looked into how duped items may have affected the economy and armor. Their data shows that max level gear was not impacted significantly, even with armor dupes. This also matters because in removing 98% of the items, this percentage stays really low.

Amazon reiterates that they’re working to improve their response time and will keep looking out for players taking advantage. This is in addition to working on solutions to both prevent dupes and shore up the game’s systems in the game that are vulnerable to exploits.

Yesterday's re-enabling of wealth transfers was partial, but the action taken was quick because most transfers were only down for just about a day. The team is working to address these issues but trying to keep trust in the community depends on how effective their actions are. 

While this is going on, some are claiming that there are new dupe exploits after the last downtime and after transactions were enabled, so this concern is something Amazon’s next steps for New World remain to be seen.


Christina Gonzalez

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