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New World Team Asks Players What They Want from Cross-Region Server Transfers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The New World team is asking the community what they're looking for in terms of cross-regional server transfers in order to figure out how best to release this option. This comes after the team acknowledged that they're also looking at server mergers, so we would probably expect both of these options to come into play soon.

According to a post from Community Manager Luxendra, they want to work on cross-regional transfers but want to have a better sense of who wants to transfer, where they're looking to transfer to, where they're located, and what other features they might want or need from the server transfer process.

Since server transfers have been a topic for about a month now, they also asked whether the community members would prefer a faster cross regional transfer option or a more polished one which might take a little longer. Given that  server transfers were promised a month ago and there was confusion after it was announced that cross-region transfers warrant available, it seems that the community's focus up until now has been on getting it out as fast as possible. They're looking for feedback to see if it's doable to make sure it's a more polished process , but so far they're focusing on speed.  So far, feedback seems to favor speed of delivery.

And some of the questions I asked give us some idea of what some  difficulties might be with a process. For example, one of the questions is "``Would it be [a] major negative to you if a required step was abandoning your house, and that was refunded later?" Another question asks if it would be okay with someone if their character transfer made their character unplayable for a short period of time, up to a day. 

You can see what the feedback has been so far, as well as possibly contribute your own opinion, here on the New World forum.


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