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New World Team Answers More Community Questions, Dropping More Hints at Season 3

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Following a release of a community Q&A video earlier this week, the New World team has answered additional community questions on technical performance, Expeditions, DirectX 12 support, separate PvP and PvE balance, and more.

While many questions were answered in the most recent Forged in Aeternum community Q&A video, there are some others that the team has received, leading him to more frequent Ccommunity Q&A features.

A question that the New World devs have gotten before is whether they're looking to separate out the balance changes for PVE and PVP. They've nodded to this in the past but now we are going to see the first part of this happen in Season 3 later in the year. After time to consider how they can rebalance some of the PVE features without breaking PVP, the first part is coming  in Season 3. They’ll use the “new system to replace some of the balance we achieved through "required" perks. We will then build upon this system over time to include more aspects of combat”.

While the team won't be adding any solo Expeditions, as asked in another question, in Season 3 we can also expect some changes to base Exposition difficulty to let more players experience and participate in them. 

In response to one of the questions,  they are figuring out how they can optimize and overhaul the storage shed system to make it easier to organize. 

There are also a few comments on technical aspects and developments. They're still planning to move to DirectX 12, but work continues. When they look at the technology and value, this will be a longer term project but it is still in active development. With DirectX 12 support, once they have that in place they will also be able to look into DLSS support. 

Performance optimization is also something that the team is targeting and continuously working on, and you can read detailed responses from one of the engine team leads, Mike Boccieri,  in the full devblog. 


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