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New World Talks Its Approach To Designing The Medleyfaire In Latest Concept Art Showcase

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New World's colorful Medleyfaire event is coming to the servers at some point this month, and the Amazon Game Studios team showed off some of the concept art the team created to bring the faire to life.

The Summer Medleyfaire is coming to New World, though it's currently able to be tested on the PTR, and the team is showing off some of the concept art that helped define the look of the faire. The inspiration, according to Concept Artist Andy Lee, came from modern music festivals, complete with flashy lights, outdoor grilling, and much more. 

It fits too, as when I went to the Medleyfaire stage for the first time I felt like I was stepping into an early modern-Coachella. Music, lanterns, flashing strobe lights of every color and more dominated my field of view. They definitely nailed that feel.

The team also talked a bit about the design philosophy of the new Expedition as well, Barnacles & Black Powder. When designing the Admiral Brute, Concept Artist Allison Theus said that the challenges to build the hulking Admiral was getting the proportions just right.

“For the Admiral Brute, I was aiming for a character large and grizzled that was taken over by the sea a long time ago. One of the challenges of this design was finding the right ratio of human to creature pieces in the shapes while maintaining a compact, weighty silhouette.”

You can check out the full post on the New World website. Also, if you're interested a bit more about the music system, as well as the approach to designing the Summer Medleyfaire, make sure to check out our interview with Amazon Game Studios.


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