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New World Talks Crafting and a New Weapon in their January Update

Rapier Battles Incoming

Steven Weber Posted:
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 In their January Update, Amazon Game Studios talks about the updates headed to the New World Alpha. These updates include a new weapon, the Rapier, and changes to the crafting system.

The extensive list of updates and features is sure to give some insight into where New World is headed. The Rapier looks to be a weapon that is built on agility and the bleed status effect. It looks like evasion and counterattacking will also play a big part in being proficient with a rapier.

Changes to crafting have also been made, as the team focuses on making end-game crafting worthwhile:

The main goal for these changes is to keep crafting and gathering relevant through end game, while adding more depth, a new interface, and more interesting choices in the crafting system.

-New World Development Team

Changes to gearing and food were also touched on, and several new combat specific updates were also listed, such as an enhanced Elite Enemy system, AI changes, and increased difficulties based on the level of an enemy encountered. There’s so much to check out, you’ll need to read through every piece if you want to get the whole picture on the changes made to the Alpha in January. You can also follow along with AGS's updates in our archive, and see what you may have missed from the December Alpha update


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