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New World Shares Featured Swords, Plus Their Strengths and Weaknesses

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A ton of new information regarding swords was shared by the New World’s twitter account recently, talking about some featured swords, along with strengths and weaknesses.

Three swords were discussed: Isabella’s Chosen, Orichalcum Sword, and Harbinger’s Long Sword. Isabella’s Sword can be earned from the legendary sword quest. The sword combines keen and void damage, and is ideal for PvP. The Orichalcum sword is craftable, and deals +20% damage while slowed or rooted, and +20% damage against buffed enemies. Harbinger’s long sword can be find as a drop in Lower Svikin elite area, and is said to be strong against Corrupted enemies.

The Twitter account also shared some information regarding swords’ strengths and weaknesses. For example, swords are great for close quarter combat, and you can block projectiles with your shield. On the other hand, they lack range, and have long cooldowns on their abilities.

The team expanded on the shield bit, confirming that the sword is the only weapon you can use with a shield,

“Currently, the sword is the only weapon in-game that you can use with the shield. It offers great protection by blocking projectiles and also has strong block stability! The sword is a fairly quick melee weapon which makes it great for close quarters combat!”


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