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New World Sets a Few More Server Merges and the Return of 30-day Server Transfer Cooldown

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It’s almost time for another round of server merges in New World. Next week, on January 23th, three regions will see just a few server merges this time. Amazon has also announced that the temporary cooldown for server transfers that was greatly reduced last month will end soon and go back to 30 days.

The server merges taking place on Monday will affect Central EU, US-East, and US-West this time. Altogether, across these three regions, eight servers will be merged into four that will remain. US-West is the outlier, with four servers being merged into two, while the other regions just have two servers merging each. 

Given the recent other rounds of server merges across all regions, this one is on a much smaller scale. This should be good news overall, since the team’s previously shared criteria for determining whether to merge servers is based around things like player activity and the economy on a given server. 

With this in mind, another change will be coming to New World, this time affecting server transfers. The 30-day cooldown will be reapplied to server transfers once again, from the reduced 1-3 day setting. This goes into effect on January 25th, and any existing cooldowns that are in place when it does will be extended to the full 30 days. Consider the next few days your chance to be certain that whatever server you’re on now is where you want to be for at least a month.

These actions make sense when taken together, since making sure a server population will remain relatively steady for 30 days should help with future maintenance and merge decisions. The change was already announced as temporary and that it would be reverted in January. This also works with things like Leaderboards in testing on the PTR and periodic merges on the whole, in trying to keep servers active and make sure for partying up or competing against others there are options.

Read the update over at New World.


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