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New World, Seeing Queues and Uptick in Demand Ahead of Brimstone Shores, is Adding New Servers

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New World  is adding servers. Just a few, though, in order to handle increased demand and to help with balanced populations. Still, these single new servers in South America, Central Europe, and US-East, will offer a fresh start when they arrive tomorrow.

With some games starting actual limited-run fresh start servers, sometimes that new server feeling for a live game is all you need. After merging a number of servers across all regions recently, leaving some with just a single server left, New World has seen an increase in activity, including queues over this past weekend. With the just announced new zone of Brimstone Sands on the way in October, this measured addition of just a few servers should help with populations, support any returning players that might come back for the new updates, and lead the way into new territory ahead.

Central Europe’s new server, Fae, will see downtime tomorrow at noon EDT. South America will get a new server, Atlantis, with downtime starting tomorrow at 5 PM EDT. Finally, Eden, US-East’s new server, will see its downtime at 6 PM EDT. 

These will be completely new servers, with fresh and unclaimed territory, and will be open for new characters and transfers. If you want to transfer an existing character from a live server to the new one in these regions, you'll have to use a server transfer token you already own on your account or buy a new one from the shop. All of the normal transfer rules apply for what will remain and what won't. Unlike in the past, there won’t be any free server transfer tokens, since the feature is firmly a paid one now.

For more on the new server plans, and any details on how to transfer or when they’re available, head over to the update over at New World. 


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