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New World Season of the Guardian is Live, Scot Lane Explains June Announcement Timing

We get a rundown of April in Aeternum too

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Season of the Guardian is now live in New World, and there’s a new dev video under the theme of “Eye on Aeternum” discussing what we’ll see from the team this month.

A new format, Eye on Aeternum, is hosted by community manager Leala, who brings us through April. Of course, there’s the new season that has just gone live. 

On April 8th, expect a new video deep dive into all things Cooking trade skill update, with community questions answered. The team has shared that the inventory and Cooking changes could be  model for other trade skills, so maybe that will feature. We can also expect a new Balance of Power episode this month on weapon balance questions and an economy update there have been hints of before.

From April 17-30th, Springtide Bloom returns, so expect the return of the flowers and the party bags. Rewards will include dyes, event food, special event currency for more goodies, and even some 700 gear score patterns. There’s even a new Bop Dance emote coming for those who felt their dance moves in Aeternum were lacking.

The New World team has recently delayed discussing upcoming content and plans until June. As for that stance, Scot Lane addresses this directly. Why June? 

“A few reasons: one, it allows us to create a moment because we are planning to announce something pretty big that's going to impact a lot of the players, both old and new. But also there's this thing called Summer Game Fest that happens in June, and it's a place that we can hit a broad audience with the announcement that allows us to have a little more impact, and it just makes most sense from the game side to do it that way.”

Lane mentions they’re working on how to serve PvPers as a smaller, but highly dedicated group. He also addresses population, which is down, but the New World team is looking towards that big June announcement and more later in the year to see the response.


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