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New World Reveals Details on the Season Pass 3 Rewards for Season 3, Including Artifacts and Skins

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Season 3 is fast approaching in New World. Along with the release of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion next week, there is a whole new season pass about to start. Amazon has released all of the details on reward tracks and what we can expect from both free and premium tiers.

Season 3 and the new expansion will release a few new features, one being Artifacts, and another, mounts. You’ll be able to equip artifacts alongside your regular gear, offering new enhancements that will allow for more build flexibility. You will be able to get them in game by completing activities, but you'll also be able to get some from the season pass. Mounts are represented in the reward track with mount skins. 

As for those artifacts, they are available on the free track as well and are currently listed at level 20 and level 100. While you'll be able to get your hands on one early, completing the pass is the only way to get that second artifact. For now, as the season pass artifacts will be released in other ways after the season. 

Transmog isn’t forgotten. Several reward levels include Transmog Tokens, and some of the cosmetic rewards are skins for your gear and weapons. 

If you have been participating in New World's seasonal structure, the other types of rewards should be familiar. There's a number of useful items like coins, Gypsum Orbs, cooking ingredients, potions, crafting materials, Azoth vials, and furnishings. Premium pass holders get all of those, plus blueprints to craft the furnishings, special chests on some pass tiers, extra cosmetics, exclusive emotes, and more. For those premium reward chests, like the The Empyrean Forge Expedition Chest, they’ve even shared details on the odds of getting the best rewards from the chests, and other stuff you can obtain.

Rise of the Angry Earth will be out October 3rd. The premium season pass is a separate purchase, but the free tier will be open to all. 

Find out more details at New World.


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