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New World Resets Faction Change Cooldown, Limits Daily New Character Creation, and Fixes Update Bugs in Latest Update

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The latest update for New World is out, and this update focuses on fixes for some of the issues from the recent December update. The update on all servers is complete, but there is another Amazon Web Services issue that is continuing to impact US-East servers.

With some of the exploits that have been taken advantage of in the past couple of months for the game, Amazon has made some changes to loot as well as new character creation. After already re-distributing the initial quest loot so that more of it is earned later to encourage play by genuine players and not just people creating accounts to earn coins, they made another change with this patch. Now, Coin Lockboxes that are earned from the Tree of Life will move to level 15+. This will match up when event quests become enabled to attempt to ensure that characters are created for genuine play and not just to rack up the coins. To go with this update, they also limited the number of characters that you can create per day on your account.

Due to server merges, there have been some serious faction imbalances on recipient servers. The update performs the promised faction cooldown reset for all players, so if you look on your new server and the faction populations are so skewed that you want to change, you’ll be able to do it just once before the timer goes back to 60 days.

Other changes include fixing an Azoth bug that made the balances stop updating after fast traveling or doing some crafting. They should now be correct. The team also fixed a problem with potion stacking when potions were dropping at multiple gear scores.Most of us know the frustration of full inventories, so this should be a welcome fix.

The work has been completed on the fixes but The current AWS outage on the US east region has been affecting services like New World, Epic Games, Asana, and Slack. Amazon seems to have fixed the issue, but services may take time to return to full normal status.

For the full update notes head over to New World.


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