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New World Reddit & One Player's Hype for the Game

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While the current New World alpha is under NDA, one Reddit user named "geekeasyalex" has posted several reasons why he's excited about the game. The things he states are purposely vague so as to not be in violation of the NDA, but he believes the game is something special. "It's like SWG, Albion Online, and EVE had a baby and dressed it in all the graphically enhanced Skyrim mods you could muster," he wrote.

Keep in mind that what is written on Reddit is in the realm of "rumor", though the author does say he's currently in the alpha. That said, here's why geekeasyalex is stoked:

  • Truly open world player housing/cities with housing/farming in the same vein as SWG but with more of an Archeage feel.
  • Low # character cap on guilds means no huge zergs. I've never seen more than 5-10 people together, max.
  • Methodical, Dark-Souls-esque melee combat, which is good, but can easily be better with tweaks. Guns / Bows feel great.
  • Quick to transition from a new player into doing useful/exciting activities with your gulild, as is true in most sandboxes.
  • Fantastic local VOIP and "friendly intentions" waving button to nearby people means a lot of cooperation and PvP less tension. Great community so far (not surprising since it's Alpha)
  • Zergy open world Ganking is far less common than other sandboxes due to penalties. There are 'lawless' areas however with no penalties for anyone.
  • DOES NOT play like an Alpha, more like a late beta. Runs incredibly smooth, UI is polished and crisp. This could easily be a well-rated "early access" game on Steam.

Of course, as entertaining as the list is, it's equally entertaining to read the reactions and further comments by Reddit users.

Check it all out in this New World / MMORPG Reddit thread.


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