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New World PvP Will Get Another XP Tweak, And You Can Earn Double Weapon XP Next Week

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The New World team is still working to find its footing when it comes to PvP. Recently, there were a series of temporary workaround changes, a new patch fixing some initial issues, and now there’s community feedback that a change affecting XP gains and tweaks that are making it harder on players. 

One of the changes made recently affected both Outpost Rush and the new Arenas. Amazon intended to increase Rewards but one of the changes decreased XP but increased Salt for a loss taken in the Arena. If you didn't win even a single round during an Arena match, XP was reduced. If you won one match, XP was reduced but you got some Salt. For those who won more than two rounds, they got boosted XP and Salt. These changes have been met with some frustration since while the PvP rewards track was announced with the notion that just participating in PvP activities would let you earn rewards (and technically, the changed system still does, but in a skewed way). 

The team says that they will “continue to monitor feedback” but after community experience and response here, they will be making some adjustments to the PvP XP awarded in this instance in the future.

For those who have been needing a break to help them progress in the game, Amazon also announced that there will be a series of bonus XP events throughout June. The first one begins on Monday June 6th,2022 and runs through June 9th. This round will focus on weapons, and you’ll get double weapon XP. 

Whether you’re looking to try something new overall or need a boost on some weapons you’ve been wanting to try, this should help. 

There will be more of these XP bonus mini events this month. For more on the weapons double XP event, see the announcement over at New World.


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