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New World Producer Talks Creative Process, Seeking Longevity in a New MMORPG, and Community Feedback

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 When it comes to New World, Amazon Game Studios has been trying to keep up with some of the issues as well as provide an entertaining game that can retain players. Amazon senior producer Katy Kaszynski gave a talk at Develop:Brighton this week ( thanks PCGamesN) and talked about what the team was looking to do in creating New World and how community feedback and response plays a role in their work. 

The subject of the talk was how Amazon looks at customer feedback and testing data to create a world that can retain players. Although New World has had a rather bumpy month in release, many players are still engaged and returning to Aeternum. 

Some of their goals were using the Spirit Shrines for fast travel because they were better fits with the initial lore across the world. So in order to make it work, they implemented the idea that the beasts in Aeternum couldn’t be tamed. In essence, they wanted to create an immersive world and they’re looking at many different things the community is asking for. Although they didn’t add mounts to begin with, they are requested and she knows that “nothing is off the table in an MMO. It’s just not going to be soon“.

One of the decisions in the game's development was to eliminate full loot PvP. Originally, full loot PvP was part of the plan but it was removed in favor of the developing Faction Control Points. This is of course, a way to stave off griefing, but their goal was also to make things more immersive widely. Although PVP of course remains a very key part of New World’s appeal.

Again, while the release of the game has been bumpy, to say the least, Amazon’s team still continues working to fix what’s wrong and has been mostly responsive, so it remains to be seen where they go from here. It just may take some time for significant changes.


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