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New World Previews Spring-Summer 2023 Roadmap, Territory Balance Changes, Events and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The New World team has shared an updated roadmap, along with the latest dev update video.  The video and roadmap cover the return of the Winter Convergence Festival, territory changes  the make things fairer, and a peek at major planned updates through next summer.

The Winter Convergence Festival is coming soon, as it is already December. This time, there’s a new world boss to challenge too. Activities during the event will see 15-20 person teams fighting the new Winter Warrior to earn rewards. Some of what you can expect are emotes, housing items, festive skins, and more in the limited-time event.

Also coming is the Starstone Amrine Mashup Expedition. The devs have hinted at this in previous updates, but now they’re ready to give some details. This Expedition came from feedback asking for a late game version of earlier game Expeditions. These are now coming in the form of mashups to provide additional challenge a new depth to something you may have thought you left behind a while ago. This first mashup will come with The Winter Convergence update, but we’d be surprised if there weren’t more to come.

Another major point of discussion for the team are Amazon games plans to make some territory changes that should help things work in a fairer and more open way. If you've been playing new world for any amount of time  on a server with a good population, sometimes what happens is territories wind up getting controlled by the same people. The changes are also coming to try and crack down on shell companies, which are companies set up and controlled by the same players on the same server. 

This provides unfair competition because people snap up the most desirable territories and keep them under control. The team has previously proposed changes in the way that taxes and upkeep costs work in order to give some relief to players who don't control as much territory or less desirable places,  and this is another effort to make things feel fairer.

They closed on a peek at the spring and summer 2023 roadmap, with major features planned for each. For spring, we can look for the Empyrean Forge Expedition, the new gear set storage system, the Springtide Bloom event, and improvements to main story quests. In the summer, expect transmog improvements, raid groups, cross-world Outpost Rush, and the return of Summer Medleyfaire. Oh, and the summer is when you can expect that much talked-about and promised Sandworm Elite Trial to arrive for you to challenge.

For more, watch the dev video and see the update at New World.


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