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New World Player to Player Trades Disabled Again Due to Gold Dupe Bug

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World has disabled player to player trading again due to a suspected gold dupe bug. The Amazon team took this precaution today in order to investigate the issue and work on a fix as needed. This comes as player server transfers were just turned back on and the team had to issue a fix for mistakenly released quests yesterday.

While it's not clear what created the new gold dupe bug, this type of temporarily disabling trade is nothing new for the  New World community. Amazon does try to apply fixes as fast as they can, but unfortunately there have been several instances where players have had to wait for the feature to be re-enabled. This comes as player server transfers were disabled last week and were only re-enabled yesterday. 

Today's issue followed yesterday's downtime and patch, but it's unclear if they're related. The  1.2.2 update was performed to address a widely reported desync issue and to remove a series of quests that were incomplete and mistakenly enabled in the December build. These quests are not complete (they’re a work in progress build) so they are missing things like rewards and other aspects. If any player were able to access those quests and complete them, Amazon will allow XP and gold gains to stay, but all progress will be reset when they are formally implemented so everyone can complete those quests for the right rewards.

As for the player trade issue, this is a familiar road by this point. While it is a pain for those whose game time is impacted by the feature being turned off, the time to resolution has generally gotten better. Still, there is no ETA on when they’re expecting to have the issue under control, and no word on any planned actions there may be to correct any negative effects.

For more on this issue, see the update over at New World.


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