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New World Plans First Server Merges for EU Region and Shares FAQ With Server Merge Details

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Amazon has announced the first server merge for New World. This merge will take place this Wednesday in the Central EU region where Mardi will merge into Brittia. With this announcement, we now have a merge FAQ with more info on what to expect as the merge plan numbers grow.

In the developer FAQ it addresses why and when they might consider merging servers. “How do we determine if a world needs to be merged?“ Asks one of the questions and the answer involves several factors that they look at “in order to determine if the world is unhealthy including, but not limited to, population size and overall engagement”. Additionally, they’re looking for what partner world would most benefit by merging the two together, including faction, what gameplay style the server primarily has, language, and region. The latter is important since time zone is important to population and interaction, so expect merges to be intra-region.

If everything goes well, players should not expect to lose any progress or items, but territory should belong to the companies on the server that is absorbing the merge. So in the merge happening this week, all of the players on Mardi will see their characters, progression, items, housing, and wealth transfer over, but all territories will remain with those that already control them on Brittia. 

Amazon will be looking to schedule new merges on Wednesdays. The team aims to inform those players on the server that will be merged on the Friday before the merge happens and the server that those players will be moving to will receive a notice in game on Monday. Since the server merged into shouldn’t expect much change, they’re informed second.

If anything happens and the merge doesn’t work successfully or the match wasn’t compatible enough, there will be an investigation and space for community feedback before any actions are taken.

For more on the merge FAQ and plans, see this New World update.


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