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New World Patches Trading Exploit and Temporarily Reverts Server Transfer Cooldown

Trading remains tetmporarily disabled for now though.

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New World has a new patch that addresses the recently-discovered Trading Post exploit, though it does not re-enable trading just yet. Other changes addressed crashes and other bugs, as well as temporarily adjusted the server transfer cooldown.

The team temporarily disabled trading yesterday, both via the Trading Post and player to player trading, and this hasn’t changed, but the new patch fixes a bug that seemed to cause the issue. Amazon provided some loose details on what the issue was, noting that they “fixed an issue where in rare cases players could be refunded more items than intended when Trading Post actions failed”, and promised to keep everyone updated on trading status. While it isn’t clear why they remain down, the team is “continuing to prioritize enabling them as quickly as possible”.

With the patch, which came overnight, they’ve also fixed a client freeze issue that happened with fast travel when weapons with accessories were equipped. They also fixed a separate crash issue that was happening when fast traveling or respawning near a lot of other players. Addressing all of these bugs continues to demonstrate the intricacies of maintaining a live service game. Fast travel with the wrong weapon and goodbye game session is not exactly what you want to see.

Another change in this update was to revert a change in cooldown for server transfers. The timer was changed to last 30 days between transfers but after community feedback and data, this has now been reverted. The temporary change puts this cooldown back at 3 days for now. In January, it will be going back up to 30 days, and anyone with an active cooldown at that time it goes live will be hit with the full 30 days.  

This follows the recent suspension of Company leave cooldowns since they had been retroactively applied during the weekly update. This is also a temporary change following community feedback, and will return to 72 hours on December 11th.

For more, read the full notes at New World.


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