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New World Patches Housing Tax Issue and Server Crashes Associated With Valentine's Skins

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New World has fixed two recent troublesome issues. With downtime today, two bugs were fixed, with one affecting taxes and the other affecting the recently-released Corrupted Love items in the shop that had been shown to cause server crashes. Once the link to crashes was determined and investigated, the items were removed from sale.

Housing taxes were not working properly and the taxes when paid would not deposit into the treasury of the owning company. This was addressed in today's update, so the always pleasant act of paying taxes should get to the right place at least. 

The other issue fixed in today’s update seemed a bit trickier, given that the Corrupted Love  pack and the new Angels and Demons skins in the store when released, were quickly removed. This happened all the way back on February 8th after the bug causing server crashes came to light.

Because these were Valentine's Day themed items, the fix generally comes just in time to celebrate today but there was a little communication following the items being pulled  from sale last week. The official update regarding the skins and server crashes did suggest that players who already owned them could continue to use them without issue, but they remained off sale until a fix was implemented. Now that there is a fix for the problem,  on February 14th, we're not sure if they will come back given that the Valentine's Day holiday is nearly over, but we should see them in the future if they are working properly now.

After the items were removed from sale last week, the community began wondering what was going on, with at least one thread remarking on five days since being pulled and no response or estimate on a fix. The downtime to fix both the housing tax issue and the skins was then announced, but for many, timing seems like it took too long to get there. 

For more, see the update over at New World.


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