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New World Patches Exploits and Gives Details On How They Will Reopen Trading Soon

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Player trading is still disabled in New World thanks to some exploits that Amazon has begun to address. There’s no estimate on when it will be reenabled, but the team explained the issues in some more detail and their priority for handling this one.

There was downtime today to fix the economy exploit, but also to temporarily disable some trophy crafting buffs due to a related issue. Community Manager Luxendra explained Amazon’s actions, noting that in addition to the trade exploit originally found, there was also another issue that wasn’t publicly mentioned until this point, that made trophy crafting potentially exploitable.

“We have identified individuals involved in two potential exploits - one a trade exploit, the other an unintended stack of house trophy bonuses resulting in better chances at high gear score items than normally available. The individuals abusing these (a few hundred accounts) have been temporarily banned while we double check our data. We will remove the switch preventing trading when we are sure players who benefited from these exploits can’t damage the economy - that is our top priority right now.”

Action has been taken quickly, and it seems like whenever they’ve double checked their data, getting things back to normal for most players will also happen fast. Those players that find themselves temporarily banned will have to wait until the team sorts out whether their accounts benefited from the exploits, and if so, removes the gains, or possibly permanently bans them.

That will take a while since it’s of low priority, and the top priority is, as they state, getting things back up and running and minimizing disruption for players. When things are ready to be restored, according to the update, opening trade back up and setting trophy crafting back to normal won’t require additional downtime.

For more updates, keep an eye on this post over at New World.


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