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New World Patches and Re-Opens Content, As Brimstone Sands and Monarch's Bluffs Get New Tour Videos

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Time in New World following the Brimstone Sands update this week was affected by some bugs, but the Amazon Games team held downtime today to patch the major issues that led them to temporarily disable access to some specific content. They’ve also got some new Touring Aeternum videos, each focusing on new territories and the flora, fauna, and features of Brimstone Sands and one on the revamped Monarch’s Bluffs.

After finding that some mobs were not rewarding the correct XP and items, the team initially disabled drops for those mobs before ultimately pulling access to the quests that required those mobs to complete. There was also a major error with the Tier 5 crafting process not awarding the 600GS bonus, and another one affecting Everfall housing. Players had been advised to not place anything inside homes in the zone, since they could become stuck or lost when the game was patched.

Today, there was downtime held to provide the needed fixes for all of those issues, and those quests and mobs are now accessible and crafting has opened back up with the right bonus. 

The new Touring Aeternum video focusing on Brimstone Sands introduces us to the territory, including some of the creatures you’ll find out in the desert. From the venomous Scorplings to Deadwood Dogs, the sandworm, and the variety of cacti, the desert is clearly a welcoming place.  The rest of the video takes us through the town, the arena, and the features you’ll be able to access, puzzles to take on, and other mysteries and challenges to discover and investigate. 

As for the Monarch’s Bluff tour, the lower level area gets a new introduction. The New Player Experience has been overhauled, and some of the earlier areas have new points of interest, features, and visual polish. 

For the update notes, head over to New World.


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