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New World Outlines Arenas in Latest Post

Take on the Spriggan

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Amazon outlined the Arenas of New World in their latest post detailing the upcoming MMO.

Interestingly, the post states that we don’t really know the what the real purpose of these arenas actually are. However, we do know that in order to access it, we’ll need a key. And in order to find the key, we’ll need to complete some challenges. Here’s how it works.

Defeating enemies across the world will net us loot, and maybe a Spriggan Key. This key brings with specific coordinates on the map. Once we reach this place, we can then enter the arena. Once inside, we’ll face off against the Spriggan. This is actually a timed challenge.

Defeating the Spriggan won’t be easy, but once we do, we’ll be rewarded with loot like Legendary Gear and other high quality equipment. The post actually shared some information behind designing this Spriggan,

“In the earliest concepts for the Spriggan, we designed it as an earth elemental, a spirit of earth, wood, and stone, drawing on descriptions that show up in early folklore from multiple cultures.”

Eventually, the creature become more of a boss,

“Over time the creature grew into more of a ‘boss’ so it slowly evolved to a taller more agile form that relied less on armor and brute strength, more on mobility, combat skill, and its supernatural powers.”

You can catch the full post here.


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