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New World Opening the PTR Today To Test Long-Awaited Leaderboards

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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New World  is opening its PTR again today at 1PM PST, and this time the test server features the new Leaderboards system. This feature has been requested by the community and promised by the team, so now you can help them polish it up for the full release.

The new system will have leaderboards for several categories, and besides just bragging rights, they’ll integrate with the rewards systems. While rewards won’t be earnable in the PTR, you can still get an idea of how this will work. Leaderboards will have five major categories for recognition, with subcategories to all of them. 

The main categories are:

  • Mutated Expeditions
  • Faction War
  • Vs. Environment
  • Vs. Players
  • Trade Skills

Subcategories, as the announcement notes, can be things like Territory Control score under Faction War. Eventually, they’re looking to have these boards run weekly, monthly, and quarterly, so once they’re in play, getting yourself onto the leaderboard will be a way to earn rewards. This PTR announcement clarifies that a little bit by noting that the rewards look to include exclusive skins and some titles. 

So if you’re interested in testing out the new feature, you can download the client and jump in later today. New PTR characters get multiple special armor and weapon caches keyed to a build and an attribute for testing purposes. 

The New World team has said, including recently, that the delay in adding in Leaderboards, is something they may have announced too early. Yet, it makes sense that this couldn’t happen until the series of PvP revamps and tweaks happened, including the addition of the rewards track.

So if you’re competitive, want to make your name in Aeternum, and are up for providing feedback on Leaderboards, now’s your time.

For details on the latest test, including access and the process, head to New World.


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