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New World Open Beta: Here's How (And When) You Can Access Tomorrow's Test

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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New world's Open Beta is nearly upon us, and the team at Amazon Game Studios released some instructions on how to access the test ahead of tomorrow's onslaught of players charging into Aeternum.

Like many open betas nowadays, Amazon Game Studios is utilizing Steam's Playtest feature. This allows players to opt into a playtest by requesting access directly on Steam instead of requiring players to sign up on a developers website. New World is using this to get players into the open beta, which runs from September 9th through the 12th.

Unlike previous tests, this one is fully open to anyone with a Steam account. Amazon is hoping to not only test the servers one more time before its full launch on September 28th, but also give players who have yet to check out the MMO a chance to go hands on before dropping any money on the game.

Joining New World's playtest is rather simple: you'll go to the game's store page, and where it says "Join the New World Open Beta Playtest" you'll click Request Access. That's it. You can start doing this as of today, though there will be no pre-download according to a follow-up tweet to the initial one with the instructions. However, Amazon does state that players will recieve an email on when they can download the MMO once it's live on September 9th.

New World is slated to release on September 28th after being delayed once more out of last month's release window. The team has been working on the MMO now for some time, having delayed it multiple times since its initial release window of August 2020. However, for many the wait might be worth it, as New World definitely did impress during its last closed beta showing in July. 


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