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New World on Server Merges and Server Cap Increase 'There is Never a Moment We Don't Think About It'

Steven Weber Posted:
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Now that New World has officially past its initial new game surge, and free server transfers are available for all players, some in the community have requested that, instead of free transfers, New World should begin server merges. The thread went on to speak about the possibility of a server cap increase, and when players might expect such a change to take place. 

In a thread created on the official forums related to server merges, a player noted that their low population EU server has been bleeding players since the free server transfers went live, despite some transfer issues along the way. With many servers undoubtedly running into the same issue, developer Kay popped into the conversation to let everyone know that server merges aren’t a question of will they, or won’t they, but more a question of “when will they?”. It turns out, probably much sooner than we anticipated. The first response from Kay noted that server merges are on the horizon, and they are currently testing it prior to enacting the merge on live worlds.

“Hey there, world merges are on the horizon, but require additional scale testing before we are confident enough to use the tech on the live worlds. As you can imagine given the first few rocky weeks, we are using an over abundance of caution here.

Keep an eye out in the official news area for an update from our Community Managers on this in the near future.

-Kay, New World Developer, New World Official Forums

Later in the thread Kay returns to respond to a request for a server cap increase. As many know, servers currently only house about 2000 players online at a time, and while that may seem like an ample number of opponents in a PvP scenario, but with so many players at various stages and with varied styles of play it may be hard to find an adequate number of likeminded players. To combat this, many players call for an increase of the player cap, which could provide an influx of the kind of players Companies are looking for to help them conquer Aeternum. This was Kay’s response to the premise of a server cap increase:

“Tbh there is never a moment where we don’t think about it, and are actively working on it.

Our Community managers will keep folks updated when we are ready to make those adjustments”

-Kay, New World Developer, New World Official Forums

The server merge thread is still on the top of the list of articles as of this writing so more information may be divulged as to New Worlds outlook on merges, transfers, and the general player population.


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